A Place To Call Home

I have always attended a church since I was little. They always felt like a closed society, one of righteousness, smeared with injustices against those who needed Christ the most. Then I found Fringe Church and it felt like family right from the start. Together as a group we grow in Christ, helping, caring and sharing our testimonies to encourage others. Knowing that each one of us was made perfectly in God’s image and the gifts and talents he has provided us are all for his glory. Fringe Church is such a different format to any other church I have been to. I never thought that I could preach but Fringe Church understands everyone has a unique message to share, our journey and life story are always important to someone else. Together, I feel we are what God intended, a community in Christ that supports and loves one another. An extended family that deeply cares for one another and recognises that each one of us has no right to judge another’s sin.
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Get Busy Living

At fringe, we spend some time each week reflecting on where we were and where we are heading.
Being focus on our further and trying to fix all that is broken in this world together. We had a night not that long ago when almost everyone said they would be dead or in jail if it was not for The Fringe Church. It is a sentiment which often resonates from our tribe. But this time it really sank home what a difference we are making to our city it may seem little but it is spreading so look out Fringe is on its way.

Light IN Darkness

I was lost battling addiction and facing down my third suicide attempt when Ron and Fringe found me. They walked with me helped me to see hope where I lest expected to find it. It as the sign said no Bullshit they really care it took a long time to except they where not going anywhere and that they loved me when I have never felt excepted or loved in my life before. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings first the first time in my life and loving it
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Opportunity Knocks

What has The Fringe Church meant to me?
I've watched The Lord grow people in their relationship with Jesus, me included. Looking at the different people who attend, I've seen the acceptance of people who some Churches may not want amongst the gathering. I've watched as The Lord continues to renew our thinking  to match His Bible. 
I've been blessed with opportunities to explore and exercise the gifts and talents The Lord has given me, and received encouragement in how to improve. For all of this I thank The Lord and the people at Fringe. 

I am writing to endorse the work of Fringe Church.

       I have been in ministry (in the Anglican Church) for nearly four decades and I have been very impressed by the way Fringe works. Our Church in Alexandra Hills is developing a close working relationship with The Fringe Church.

    This is a community who have been called to minister in a very difficult area. Fringe is in contact with people who would not otherwise hear about the love of Christ in the normal run of things. They are doing this well. They have a good understanding of their goals and have organised their church groups in a very clear and pragmatic way to ensure the best outcomes. They know what they are doing. God is doing good things through them.

I have been impressed by the following features.
(i) They are very orthodox in their teaching.
(ii) The leaders face a lot of pressure and difficulties through which they preserve with admirable courage and Christian determination. (I think the opposition they face is also a comment on the importance of their work for the Kingdom.)
(iii) They enjoy very good relationships with other denominations and the work has an attractive ecumenical aspect to it.

    The leaders of Fringe Church are The Rev’d Mike Smith and Ron Hutchinson. I have known Mike for something like three years now and have got to know Ron more recently. I have learnt a lot from them about ministering to people in difficult situations.
I am confident that they, and the others in Fringe, are people we should encourage and support.

Yours in Christ,
Jonathan Bright
Mob. 0409 277 521

Apr 12. 2017