Where are we going


Our Creed
 • I will shamelessly stand for Jesus Christ in word and action.
 • I will fight to hell and back for my family and home.
 • I will lead and be led. In the absence of orders from God, I will take the lead to accomplish the mission. I will not leave any brother or sister behind.
 • I will never quit or run from my enemy or my responsibilities. If knocked down I will get back up... there will always be fight left in me until I die.
 • I will work harder to be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
 • My word is my bond - with honor, character, compassion, strength, and courage I will follow through.
 • As a tender warrior, I will keep my soul refreshed, fully alive, and balanced.
 • I will battle injustice in our world defending the helpless, overlooked, and abused so that freedom can reign.
 • My training is never complete - I commit to a life-long pursuit of excellence, creativity, innovation, and Godliness.
 • I will bravely and relentlessly carry the name of Jesus Christ and the proud tradition of the heroes of my faith until death falls upon me or Jesus takes me home.
 • I voluntarily accept the hazards of my calling- I will not whine, complain, or make excuses for my life, but will write a new legacy of hope and victory.
 •  I will never be “that guy.”


This is taught in old Zulu South Africa the principle of ubnutu “A person is a person through other people.
The idea of community is one of the building blocks of our very society and at Fringe it is no different. For so many of our Fringe dwellers the concept of Ubuntu is life changing the idea that you are part of something so much bigger then oneself.
The Ubuntu principle leads to a sense of responsibility for each other and the world we find ourselves in.  It will also drive us to a place of excepting that there is no future without forgiveness.
A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming others and has a proper self-assurance. This comes from being part of the whole
There is so many passages in the bible that has led us away form Ubnutu
You are the temple of God is one of the most destructive things you could tell someone as in our western society we take it as each of us is a temple of God there is million of temples running around the globe.
This was never the intention of the passages in fact it is the opposite of what was intended.
Through an Eastern eye  what you will find is that these passages are more about community than individuality. Through an Eastern I you are not a temple of God but part of the temple of God you are a brick if you like in the building itself instead of being the total sum of the building.
Being betrayed as a brick indistinguishable from the other bricks making up the kingdom of God not only gives you responsibility for the other bricks around you but takes away the Western idea that most of us are actually the centre of the universe.
At the fringe church this is very powerful because it stops people from slipping into a victim mentality and also holds us accountable for each other’s actions it will drive us to look after each other to contact each other to check-in and it will not create a community which this stuff comes from the top down with the pastor following up on someone who is struggling but it becomes the responsibility of the whole community each and every brick will make sure the other bricks are sturdy so the whole structure of the kingdom of God can stand.